About Us

ET System Enerji started operating in Turkey since 2013. Having worked in USA, Europe and Asia for over 20 years we are very well globally connected and have sister companies in Singapore and China with partners in over 20 countries. ET System Enerji helps customers in finding the right solution in power related applications such us:
– Power Electronic Test
– Automotive & Transportation 
– Battery (Electrical Vehicle)
– Semiconductor
– Solar & Wind Energy
– Military&Defense
With Products:
– Programmable DC from 750W – 4MW
– Programmable AC from 250VA – 4MVA
– Programmable Bi-Directional (Regenerative) DC from 30kW – 4MW
– Programmable Bi-Directional (Regenerative) AC from 30kVA – 4MVA
– Programmable Bi-Directional (Regenerative) eLoad from 30kW – 4MW
– RF and uW Power Amplifiers up to 40GHz 
– RF and uW Switches
With complete System offering for:
– Solar Inverter Test
– Battery Test
– EMC Amplifiers
– PIM Testers 
– Customized Solutions